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Towing a BMW

One time we bought a BMW 745i. This car was used and only had about 34000 miles on it and it cost about the same as to buy a brand new Honda Accord. Well, our eyes got big after looking at this beautiful German piece of engineering and instead of buying a brand new Honda Accord we bought it. There’s no doubt that that is one fancy and nice car! But it’s also not a cheap car to fix. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Fortunately, when we have bought that car it came with an aftermarket warranty. This became a very important thing for us because after 6 months the navigation module decided to take a hiatus. In other words, it broke. So we have to get it fixed, guess how much that cost. Did you think $1,500? Did you think $3,000? It cost $3,800. Just to fix and replace one module to control the navigation system in the car.


Having taken the car into the mechanic which was a BMW dealer they informed us that people typically don’t ask them how much things cost they just get them done. Can you imagine the tow truck towing BMWs into the BMW dealerships? Those are not cheap cars and when they break they cost a lot. I wonder if when the tow truck company drivers show up to pull the car or tow the car if they charge a premium because it’s a BMW and the owner probably has a lot of money. Probably that might happen. Fortunately, when are navigation module went out we did not need the services of a towing company because the car was still drivable. But have the battery going out in that car and we would need it to be towed I’m sure it would not have been cheap for the tow truck to hook up to the car and tow it to a mechanic.
So part of the lesson learned about towing a BMW it is not something you want to do. As a matter of fact, just to replace the battery in that car was close to $500. The car was very sophisticated in that it had a fiber optic bus as part of the electrical system as opposed to using traditional copper wire. What this means that if you have to have your BMW towed it’s going to be necessary to take it to the dealer if it involves fixing anything regarding that. A great towing company in Chandler AZ called Tow Chandler tipped us off in pricing for these things, very expensive!


So while most BMW owners have deep pockets and probably don’t really care how much it cost to rent a tow truck we didn’t have those kinds of pockets and we did care how much it cost to rent a tow truck. Not only that we didn’t want to have to pay out of our pocket for some crazy expense on a BMW. So for us, it turned out to be better to just sell that (more…)

Preparation Is Key When It Comes to Finding Customers

In today’s world it is possible for every business to get benefit from lead generation. If you are not capable of converting your leads into paying customers, then you can’t have a successful business. The tip in this article will help you in understanding how to make more profits via customer base.

In order to generate more leads for the enterprise you are running, it is very important to make people a catching offer. The offer can be in the form of a newsletter, an eBook, coupon or other similar things. Make sure that what you are offering is the need of the hour and people love to get access to it. When you make such a tempting offer, it is more likely that you get a great amount of leads.

Make sure to build your presence on LinkedIn. Of all the social media channels, LinkedIn is the most business friendly. People use LinkedIn for networking and even broker exciting deals. It’s an amazing place to create great opportunities for lead generation not only for you but for your company also. Don’t hesitate in investing in a Premium membership as it will allow you to have an insight of how many views you are getting on your profile.

Make sure to test a small market sample if you are experimenting new ways to generate more leads for your company. While online marketing can be unforgiving sometime, and you don’t want to lose a handsome amount of money on a thing that’s not going to work in the real world. Testing a sample before going with it allows you to explore more options and you have the chance to select the right one for you.

It is recommended to study consumer reviews and using case studies as it will help you in generating more leads. People will love to share their information with you if you have the right documentation that supports your claims. Use data and studies that boost your product and it will be a great decision to make customer testimonials as a part of this.

Don’t hesitate in asking people for referrals. It doesn’t matter if you are a car salesman or a wedding planner, let your friends and colleagues know what you are up to.  They might not help you at that stage but who knows the future.

Devise some ways to rate your potential leads as not all of your leads will be of equal value, so before generating them make sure how you want to rate them. Otherwise it is more likely that you find yourself in amidst of thousands of leads and you don’t know how to get any benefit from them and who are worth (more…)

How to best use public transportation

Transportation PublicGoing to the office, marketplace or a park on public transport can be enjoyable and at times hectic as well but it depends on oneself how he makes it. There can be a lot of weird people on the same bus or train that you are on and sometimes the smell as well as the rush might add a bad color to your journey. Even a person with cool temper can sometimes loose it in such situation.


But sometimes the things that look so bad can turn out to be the most charming. If used properly the public transportation won’t look such a big problem as it may seem.


But how do you use it properly? (more…)

How to find Cheap Car Storage

Going on a vacation with your family or going on business trip but wait what about your car? This can be hectic sometimes but as time passes new businesses are created and car storage is one of them. It has mostly solved the problem of what to with your car when you are travelling somewhere else by some other mean.

There are different companies who offer their services, where you can just park your car or you can find a luxurious garage for it. You can also find car storage for your car online. Some of the sites used for this purpose are spare foot, find storage fast, useful storage and storage seeker.

Now there is one more thing that is how to get the storage for car in cheap price. Well this problem is also solved by (more…)

Airport Parking and Car Rental

Going to another city or country by plane can be troublesome for some people but the thing that troubles the most is the airport parking. Airport parking can be costly. Like if you want to travel by plane and park your car at an airport, the airport might charge you $50 a day. It is recommended to pre-book your car parking at airport with an agency where you can get handsome discounts off the gate price.

Advantage of booking through agency:

Agencies that offer discounts on parking are quite cheaper than that of airport authorities. You should book your airport parking with an agency as soon as you get confirmation about your flight date and timing. The bookings are almost always available for all flight timings.  The other main advantage is that most of the agencies also provide services including airport hotels and executive lounges.

Car renting:

This is rather a new concept but a good one. If you are going on vacation you can park your car at airport through a trusted company. If you want you can also give your car on rent, which will be handled by the company and you can enjoy your vacation while your car makes money for you. (more…)

How to Get Good Deals Renting Cars

Rental CarWith the increase in the prices of almost everything nowadays, it is very difficult to get a good deal on price. Because of the increase in the prices of automobiles recently people are preferring to rent a car instead of buying one in when they have to go on a family trip or for spending some time alone. So now the basic problem that a person faces is how to get a good deal on rental car. So here is some good advice on how to get good deals on rental cars.

Use different booking websites:

If you are renting the car for the first time it is one of the best option to look for it on different websites such as Expedia, Orbitz and compare the prices. One can have a look at different models of cars and their prices. It is a very good option to (more…)